Publication Process

  1. Step-1: Manuscript Preparation

    Given below are some guidelines for authors/ Contributors who wish to submit their works to the ELT Vibes: International journal.

    • Research Paper / Articles submitted for consideration for publication in the journal should be original and not published in any form, anywhere earlier.
    • Research Paper / Articles should not be in more than 15, 000 words. This word limit includes all notes, references, and tables.
    • All Research Paper / Articles should be accompanied by an abstract (100-150 words only ).
    • Research Paper / Articles should be prepared in MS Word 97-2000 format following British spellings.
    • All contributions should be made in an A4 size format, with 1.5 line spacing. The matter should be justified. The font size should be 12.
    • Graphs and charts should be prepared using MS office software (i.e. word, excel)
    • PDF versions are not accepted for the journal.
    • Contributions should be submitted by email only. The email id is
    • The articles should include:

      • The name (s) of the author (s)
      • A5-line bio note
      • Their professional affiliations
      • Email address
    • Contributors should not violate any of the provisions of the Copyright Act and the Rules made thereunder as regards the materials used in articles or their sources. The journal is not responsible for any violations or lapses on the part of contributors.
    • All articles submitted for consideration for publication in the journal would be subjected to the journal's refereeing system.
    • The journal reserves the right to make stylistic changes or other editorial changes in the article (s) submitted and accepted for publication.
    • Figures should only be used if they add to the information in the paper. They should not be used if the information they contain is redundant with information reported in the text or tables. If figures are absolutely necessary, they must be prepared as GIFs and sent as attachments with the paper. The figures should not incorporate color.
    • If analysis of variance or regression methods are used in the analysis, a correlation matrix should generally be provided (as an appendix) that includes all variables in the analyses. The matrix must be prepared as a table and should also include variable means and standard deviations.
    • If new scales are introduced in the paper (e.g., personality, emotion, cognition), then the complete scales should be included in an appendix to the paper.
    • The contribution of the author(s) should be completely original; it should not violate any existing copyright, and should contain nothing of a libelous or scandalous character. Permission from the copyright owner should be included as appropriate for use of any quotes or figures previously published elsewhere.
    • The copyright of all published material, including printed, electronic and other publication formats, will be held by The ELT Vibes, Contributors will be asked to sign a copyright declaration form when their paper is accepted for publication.
  2. Step-2: Manuscript Submission
    Manuscript should be submitted online (Submit Manuscript) or author can send by e mail on
  3. Step-3: After Submission
    After the submission, all submitted works go under a review process by 2 reviewers which takes at least 30-40 days. If the work is accepted with revision, the researcher has to apply all points suggested by the reviewers. Then, the corrected paper will be reviewed by the editor again to be acceptable for publication which will take at least again 30-40 working days.
  4. Step-4: After Acceptance
    1. Pay the publication fee of Rs. 500 (Indian Authors) and 10 $ (Foreigner).
    2. The corresponding author should sign the copyright form and submit the documents (Copyright form and Final version of the manuscript).
    3. After publication, the corresponding author will receive an email along with publication details.

Book Reviews

The ELT Vibes: International E- Journal for research in ELT publishes brief write-ups on select new publications of professional interest and also select book reviews. The journal solicits books from authors and publishers for this purpose. Publishers can write to the editor at

Review and Processing Time

Review and Processing Time The manuscript is first read by two reviewers to check if it fits the journal’s aim and scope which takes at least 10-15 days. If the manuscript is accepted with revision, the researcher has to apply all points suggested by the reviewers, if the need arises. As the ELT VIBES is peer-review international E-Journal For Research in ELT, both authors and reviewers identities are kept anonymous. The editor-in-chief reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the review process.