Plagiarism Policy

 Plagiarism is defined as…
The unacknowledged uses of the work of others as if this were your own original work”.

The ELT Vibes believes that taking the ideas and work of others without giving them credit is unfair and dishonest. Copying even one sentence from someone else's manuscript, without proper citation is considered plagiarism. Therefore, technical editors use Plagiarism detection tools/ software to ensure the originality of the article. ELT Vibes will not accept any research paper which will contain plagiarism. ELT Vibes cannot be held responsible for views, opinions and written statements of researchers published in the journal. The author will be solely responsible for plagiarism issue. Our Journal strongly condemns and discourages practice of plagiarism.
-> If any article is proved to be plagiarized, our committee would take immediate and strict actions against the author (s) range from rejection of the manuscript to preclusion of the authors from any future publication in the journal. For serious fraud, ELT Vibes will incur plagiarism penalty and will also report to the authors/s affiliating institution or department.



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