About ELT Vibes

ELT VIBES is an open access, peer reviewed, e-journal for Research in ELT, which is published in the month of January, April, July and October. It strives to provide World wide platform for researchers, scholars and teachers to exchange and enhance their research work. The main aim of this journal is to bring ELT practitioners together and allow them to share their findings, new ideas and experience in the field of ELT in the following areas:

    Publication Frequency
  • The ELT Vibes is a quarterlly E-Journal published in January,April,July and October.

  • ELT: English Language Teaching

    • English language, employability and Social development.
    • English language-A tool for international awareness & understanding.
    • Integrating language skills through enhancing creativity.
    • English language for development and social welfare.
    • Recent trends in English language teaching.
    • Teaching & Learning English as a second language.
    • English language and social interactions.
    • Innovation in English language teaching and learning.
    • Impact of social change on language.
    • English language programme education.
    • English language teaching methodology.
    • Language curriculum development.
    • English language testing and assessment.
    • The role of language and communication in human cognition.
    • English language and modernization.
    • Language and psychology & other related themes…
    • Linguistics elements in poetry.

    TALL: Technology Assisted Language Learning
    • CALL: Computer Assisted Language Learning.
    • MALL: Mobile Assisted Language Learning
    • ICT in Teaching English Language.
    • Role of Cell Phone in English Language Teaching.
    • Innovative or modern technologies in ELT
    • Web based learning.
    • Use of social media in ELT
    • English Language Lab
    • Web tools
    • Digital literacy
    • Technological literacy
    • Digital game based learning.
    • English and Social media.
    • IT and ELT
    • Digital media as a threat or opportunity for minority languages
    • Digital media and non-Latin-based writing systems
    • The use of digital media at times of crisis and natural disasters, especially in multilingual societies
    • Digital media and language choice in education
    • Digital literacy, language and gender
    • E-Learning other related themes…

    • Linguistic variation and change.
    • Pragmatics and discourse.
    • Acquisition and teaching of first, second and foreign languages.
    • Bilingualism and multilingualism.
    • Applied linguistics.
    • Theoretical linguistics.
    • Comparative linguistics.
    • Text linguistics.
    • Linguistics and speech resource development.
    • Lexical semantics and sense.
    • Linguistics indigenization.
    • Linguistics imperialism.
    • Phonetics and phonology.
    • Cognitive linguistics.
    • Corpus linguistics.
    • Historical linguistics.
    • Linguistic typology
    • Sociolinguistics
    • Lexicology.
    • Morphology & other related themes…

    English for Specific Purpose
    • ESP and English Education Policy
    • World English’s in ESP
    • Teaching ESP in the Digital Age
    • Use of Authentic Materials in Teaching of ESP
    • The GAP Between Global Needs and Supply
    • Teaching English for Marketing
    • ESP and ‘Business’ Students
    • ESP Theory
    • ESP Methodology
    • ESP Content
    • Hybrid and Online Teaching and Learning
    • Experimental Practices
    • ESP and Language Technology Centers
    • ESP Community-Based Learning
    • ESP to support international Mobility
    • Cross Culture communication in ESP teaching
    • Corpus based study in ESP.
    • English For professional purpose
    • English For occupational purpose
    • English For academic purpose
    • ESP teacher professional development
    • New trends in ESP research and pedagogy
    • Asian ESP: Localization vs Globalization & other issues related to ESP research and pedagogy.

    English Communication Skills
    • Language Proficiency in Listening and Speaking Skills
    • Practicing Innovative Ideas in the English Classroom
    • Communication Skills – Teaching the Techniques of Listening and Speaking Skills
    • Creativity & Innovations in Language Teaching & Learning through Language Skills and Games
    • Role of listening and vocabulary in effective communication.
    • Role of English in Tourism Communication in a Globalized World: Advantage India!
    • Hinglish on a Platter: Communication Beyond borders
    • Communication & Soft skills
    • Enhancing oral & written communication
    • Barriers of an effective communication
    • Communication Skills: Challenges & New Horizons
    • Critical and Creative Communication in Higher Education
    • Communication Competency
    • Written Communicative Efficiency – Issues and Concerns
    • Communication Skills - A Challenge for Undergraduates
    • Language and Communication
    • English and English Language Skills (LSRW) & other related themes…


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