• An Investigation into the Correlation of Psychological Factors in an Iranian EFL Context: Emotional Intelligence, Perfectionism, and Language Learning Strategies
  • Author(s): Seyyed Rasool , Mirghasempoor Ahmadi    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • A Survey on Usefulness of Quill as a Web Tool for English Language Enhancement
  • Author(s): Dhrunalkumar K. Ka.Patel , Dr. Kaushal Kotadia (Mentor)    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Influence of Raterís Experience and Background: Implications on Raters Training
  • Author(s): V.E. Venkatasamy    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • English Teachers English : A Phonetic Study
  • Author(s): Babi Duli    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Engineering Teachersí Perceptions towards ESP and Communication Skills Course
  • Author(s): Bhavika Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Effectiveness of Animation Movies to Enhance English Language Skills of ESL Learners at Upper-Primary Level
  • Author(s): Mr. Dhirendrasinh Rana, Dr Nishant Joshi    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Need based Instructional Materials for Developing Communication skills in English
  • Author(s): Dr. Chirag Dhandhukiya    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Effectiveness of Language Games to Enhance Spoken Competence of ESL of Class VII Students
  • Author(s): Dr. Bharti Rathore , Ms. Jalpa Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Translation of Scientific Terms from English into Telugu: Factors and Strategies
  • Author(s): Kuncham Venkanna , Ravinder Padya    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Omkara: Imagination of Othello in Indian Cinema
  • Author(s): Pathik Dodiya    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Pedagogical Devices of Teaching-Learning Process for Evaluation
  • Author(s): Dr. Imtiyaz M. Shaikh    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Indianizing the Discourse of Episteme
  • Author(s): Hardik Thakkar    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper



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