• Need for an Integrated Approach with the Application of ICT tools for Teaching English at Elberket Higher Institute for Comprehensive Vocations
  • Author(s): Mr. Almbrok Khawdn    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Examining the Use of Proverbs in Teaching English as Second Language: An Implication for Secondary School Principals in Nigeria
  • Author(s): Alabere Rabiat Ajoke, Md. Kamrul Hasan, Yusuf Suleiman    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Effectiveness of Direct Method and Translation Method in the Teaching of English Grammar: Unit Preposition
  • Author(s): Mr.Mohitgiri Goswami, Mr.Rohit Bagthariya    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Integrating ICT with English Studies: The Challenge as the Opportunity
  • Author(s): Dr. Sunil Sagar    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Using Different Songs in Teaching Tense (Present tense & Its Forms)
  • Author(s): Vanadana Badoliya    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Effectiveness of Tasks Based on Collocations to Enhance Language Skills of ESL Learners at Secondary Level
  • Author(s): Avakash Suthar, Dr. Sunil Shah    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Technology, Values and Qualities in Higher Education: A Paradigm
  • Author(s): Bhavika M. Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Assessing the Utility of Modcom Approach in Gujarati Medium Secondary level Schools of Anand District
  • Author(s): Ajay Dabhi, Dr. Sunil Shah    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Role-Play: A Technique to Develop Speaking Skills of UG Students
  • Author(s): Shemal Mevada, Dr. Charudatt Gurjar    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • A Survey of Different ELT Expertsí Opinions Regarding Remedial Teaching through Multimedia Materials
  • Author(s): Dr. Mayurkumar Parmar    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • An Analysis of the Textbook of English (S. L.) of 9th Std. at the Secondary Level of the Gujarat State Education Board
  • Author(s): Sayarabanu I. Durvesh    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Growing Demand of English Communication Competence for Engineering Students and Nature of Teaching Strategies
  • Author(s): Nirupama Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper



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