• An ESP Approach to Course and Material Design for the Students of Engineering
  • Author(s): Bhavikaben M. Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • The Need for Soft Skills Training Programme for Marginalized Communities: A Case Study of GITAM University versus Andhra University
  • Author(s): Mr Krishnaveer Abhishek Challa     ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Defining Teacher-Learner Interface at the Higher Education Level in India
  • Author(s): Jayanta Kumar Das    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Collaborative Learning Techniques to Enhance Reading Comprehension Skills of Gujarati Medium Intermediate Students
  • Author(s): Ms. Meera Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Bridging the Digital Divide with Technology: Indian Paradigms
  • Author(s): Sunil Sagar    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Determinants of pre-service English teachers’ proficiency variation
  • Author(s): Nguyen, Van Loi     ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Emerging Issues of English Education in Gujarat and the Role of the State Government & H M Patel Institute in the Development of it
  • Author(s): Rajendra Patel , Jignesh Panchal    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Integrating ICT with English Teaching: Challenges and Barriers
  • Author(s): Akram Shebani Klella    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Multimedia Learning: Shifting from Chalk and Talk Method to Digitalized Learning Environment.
  • Author(s): Maulik Barot    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Exploring Uses of Authentic Materials in the ESL Classroom
  • Author(s): Shemal Mevada , Dr. Parul Popat    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • E-learning and ELT in India
  • Author(s): Ms. Bidyarani Gurumayum, Dr Nishant Joshi     ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Tag Cloud based Information Retrieval for Electronic Resources for Creating Learning Environment
  • Author(s): Dr. Sohil D. Pandya    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Importance of English Language in Corporate World: Marketing
  • Author(s): Dr.Rakesh Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper



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