• Audio Clip s for ESL Learners in India
  • Author(s): Dr Nishant S. Joshi    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Academic Achievement and English Language Proficiency of Engineering Students of Gujarat Technological University: A correlation Study
  • Author(s): Pathik Dodiya    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Cross - Cultural Communication Competence: Need of the Hour for Employability in Global Market
  • Author(s): Ms. Amita U. Prabhin    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • The Effectiveness of CoRT Training Program on the Creativity of the Jordanian English Language Learners
  • Author(s): Samer Radwan Hmeadat    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Need of Corpus Studies in Academic Writing
  • Author(s): Annaashirvadita E. Sacha ,Dr. Sunil Shah    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • The Role of Reflective Practice in the Professional Development of Teachers
  • Author(s): Dr Anilkumar Varsat    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • English Language Teaching Practices in Rural Areas of Gujarat
  • Author(s): Mr Jigar Abhani , Dr Nishant Josh    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Motivational Teaching Strategies for English Language Learning
  • Author(s): Syed Hyder Raza Shah , Dr. Shumaila Memon , Waqar Ali Shah     ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Listening: A Fundamental Need to Acquire Language for ESL Learner.
  • Author(s): Meera Niranjni    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Semantic Features of Hearsay Markers in English Newspapers
  • Author(s): Truong Nu Van Thi    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Teaching Vocabulary through Print Advertisement
  • Author(s): Milan Pandya, Dr. Sunil Shah    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Propaganda Techniques in the Political Discourses of Aung San Suu Kyi
  • Author(s): Wanitcha Sumanat    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Necessity of Developing Intrapersonal Skills among Women Learners for Enhanced English Communication
  • Author(s): Dr. Beena Anil    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • A comparative Study of Face - to - F ace and Computer Based Assessment of Foreign Language Speaking Skills
  • Author(s): Dr. Radhakrishnan Pujara    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Rubrics for Assessment: Effect of Rubrics to Measure Achievements f or ESL Learner as an Authentic Task Performance
  • Author(s): Maulik Barot    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • The Effects of L1 Translation Matching and L2 Definition Matching Applied in Short Stories on Learning Lexical Items by Iranian Intermediate English Foreign Language Learners
  • Author(s): Maryam Salehi , Ali Ebrahimi , Narjes Ashari Tabar     ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Quality Teaching and Quality Learning Para digms of Education
  • Author(s): Ms. Binti Dua , kritika Mishra    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Exploring Foreign L anguage Speaking Anxiety to Demonstrate C ommunicative Confidence in Male and Female L earners at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology , Jamshoro, Sindh Pakistan
  • Author(s): Mari, Nargis    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Implementation of Dramatization Method for Teaching English at High School Level
  • Author(s): Dr.Sheetal N.Rawat    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • The Use of Idioms and Phrases in Advertisement
  • Author(s): Dr.Rakesh Patel    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Importance of using ICT in ESP Courses
  • Author(s): Ms. Jui Rajnikant Upadhyay , Dr. Surendrasinh Gohil    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Developing Tasks to Enhance Academic Writing Skills of ESL Learners
  • Author(s): Mr. Mithun Khandwala    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper

  • Healthy Innovative Practice
  • Author(s): Hardik Thakkar    ||   Download : Abstract    Full Paper



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